About SSRIIntroduction
Social Science Research Institute(SSRI) based at ChungBuk National University(CBNU) was founded in 1979 to study all of social science situations, international relations and issues of South and North Korea, development of regional resource and regional economy, management of local government and invigoration of citizen participations, environmental conservation and environment development. Also SSRI seeks to be the leader for social research, education and policy-making, especially on social enterprise field. SSRI at CBNU now promotes a research project on social enterprise supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF) grant founded by the Korean Government from 2009 to 2018. In our first three years, SSRI has focused on researching the history, concept, role and supporting system of social enterprise, building academic course programs for students and middle and old age people interested in social enterprise; and establishing an institutional presence and base of support at CBNU. As we move forward with our research and education, SSRI is poised to be a major academic institute in ongoing efforts to build the field of social enterprise. We will maintain our focus on bridging the gap between theory and practice, so that knowledge will be translated effectively for use by front-line social entrepreneurs, policy makers and citizens. Many programs such as research and publish Articles, seminars, workshops, strategic partnerships, books are currently underway by SSRI.